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Foreclosures in Waterloo CA

cambridge guelph onttario
cambridge guelph onttario

Guaranteed Sale!

Discover how the region’s largest real estate company can give you many distinct advantages when you want your home SOLD!!…GUARANTEED!

List your home in the RE/MAX Twin City SOLD!!…Guaranteed! Program and the sale of your home is guaranteed!

For detail of this exciting program please contact us -Click here

Not intended to solicit properties currently listed for sale.


  • We will have your place in high media exposure till sold. Choice of complimentary staging or lawyer's fee

  • Easy exit if not satisfied

  • Different commission packages for every budget

  • We will go extra mile to sell your home with top dollar

  • We will update you with every showing and also sold in the area
cambridge guelph onttario

Jafar's Advices


How do you set the right price?

  • Why is overpricing                risky?

  • Is it ever smart to                  underpriced?

  • How a market analysis         helps price it right
  • Consider fix-up?

  • Is your home exterior acceptable?

  • Don't spend too much for upgrades!

  • Sell your home yourself and ruin the process!!

  • Ready to show the house at anytime!

  • Be Flexible

  • We'll Work Together
cambridge guelph onttario

Now read the details:

Arriving at an asking price involved up to the minute

research and experienced judgment.

Besides enlisting our help in checking out the current real estate market conditions and financing trends, the basic steps include:

� Measuring your home against similar neighborhood

homes that have recently been sold or are currently on the market;

� Determining what features make your house stand out among others currently on the market. After all, buyers are comparison shoppers;

� Weighing the spending of a reasonable amount of money on cosmetic fix-ups that might enhance the marketability of your house and earn the highest possible sale price;

� The right price is usually within 5% of market value (a constantly changing factor) and usually results in a fair-dollar sale within a reasonable amount of time. As we like to say, "Price sells".

cambridge guelph onttario

Is it ever smart to underpriced?

Setting a price below market value usually isn't preferable because you may be losing money. If time is more important than money and you need a faster than average sale, you may consider setting a bargain price to attract the greatest number of prospects. 

The chart above shows how asking price affects the number of prospective buyers who

will look at that property. From experience, we know

market value delivers the optimum number of prospects at the best price for a quick sale.

When you're ready to sell your home, take advantage of

our how to sell program.

How a market analysis helps price it right

Only a professional market analysis can give you the

accurate, reliable foundation you need to price your home right. When you ask for a fair-market analysis of your home, here is what we do:

� Evaluate your home's location, lot size, your home's

age, size and condition, the number of bedrooms, baths,

total rooms and the kids of extra features you have such as improvements, built-ins garage, tool shed, spa etc;

� Examine the condition and appearance of your home's

exterior and interior. Help you determine what repairs or refurbishing may be needed to sell your home at its best price; our real estate expertise to help you price you

� Review the assessed value of your home, its previous sale prices, your maintenance and utility costs and your local taxes;

� Compare your home with similar area properties currently for sale or recently sold; and

� Note current real estate market conditions with a

practiced eye, also current interest rates and lenders'

criteria.practiced eye, also current interest rates and lenders' criteria.

cambridge guelph onttario

Consider fix-up?

In today's competitive market, most buyers will not even consider a house that needs fix-ups. In contrast, a sparkling

showcase home gets top dollar when it comes to the

bottom line. What most buyers are looking for is an inviting model home. Buyers who are willing to tackle the repairs after moving in automatically subtract the cost of needed fix-ups from the price they offer. Either way, you save nothing by putting off fix-ups and likely slow the sale of your house.

Is your home exterior acceptable?

Your house gets only one chance to make a good first

impression. That's why curb appeal is one of the most

critical points in selling.

Buyers are apt to fall in love at first sight, or not at all. If your home lacks curb appeal, chances are the first impression will not be counteracted by the most perfect floor plan or the most tasteful interior.

Spruce up the view of the house from the street, including lawn,flowers out front, a wreath on the door, brass outdoor lighting fixtures and whatever will enhance your home's buy me look:

shrubs, shutters, windows, front door, mail box. 

cambridge guelph onttario

Don't spend too much for upgrade!

While it's important to fix whatever needs fixing to get your home ready for sale, undertaking a major project could cost more money than you would recover from sale.Spending too much on remodeling projects just drains money out of your pocket. If your improvements will push your home's value more than 20% over the average neighbouring home values, don't expect to recoup the entire cost. Some major projects, however, like replacing a rood, should be done if they are needed.

Sell your home yourself and ruin the process!!

Going it alone like General Custer could invite disaster.

Without a professional adviser, you probably won't sell.

Even if you do sell, surveys show self-sellers often net less from the sale than sellers who use a real estate agent.

Selling a house is a team effort between you and the listing know, from bringing qualified buyers to keeping things on track to settlement.

Ready to show the house at anytime!

The presence of your family can make prospective buyers

feel like intruders. If you're at home when your home is

being shown, be your usual friendly but low-key self

and keep children and pets out from underfoot. It's the

agent's job to show buyers what they need to see.

Buyers can better focus on the homes advantages by viewing them than by socializing. If an open house is scheduled, plan to be away from home, but let us know how to reach you quickly. When you're not at home at other times, agents accompanying prospects will leave their business card.Please alert us afterward so we can follow up agent.  

cambridge guelph onttario

Be Flexible

No one wins If you enter negotiations with boxing gloves on.

Instead, approach negotiations in a positive frame of mind,not as an adversary of the buyer. After all, you want the same thing , a sale. Leave most of the discussion of price, terms, possession and other conditions up to your agent.

We'll Work Together

Let us help you sell your house without a mishap. Working together, we'll avoid the common and not so common mistakes sellers often make. We can also advise you on the purchase of a new home. Please feel free to call us with all of your real estate questions.

cambridge guelph onttario

92 Simple Ways to Ensure Successful Sale

We want to make sure you get your money's worth

from my advises, so to start things off, here's a list

of ninety-nine things you can do to improve your chances of a successful sale. If you follow just a handful of the suggestions on this list, we're confident that you'll improve the net value of your home enough to give one copy to you friends. I hope you get a few good ideas from the list and get started right now on the road to SOLD.

Many of these suggestions may seem obvious, but since

there's so much to keep track of, I figured it would be

helpful to include them anyway. Some suggestions may

seem ridiculous. But trust me, they work, I am sure you can come up with lots of other ideas, so just use this list as a guide to get started.

1. Flip through different home decor magazines and pay

attention to Start packing! You should being the moving-out process the minute you decide to sell.

2. Stack packed boxes neatly in the garage.

3. room layouts and colors to get a sense of what's in style.

4. Go to local open houses to see what's on the market

and how they've prepared their homes for sale.

5. Visit a model home to see the ultimate example of staging.

6. Start thinking about your schedule, particularly when you'll want to be completely moved out.

7. Remember what you loved about the house when you first saw it.

8. Take a moment to appreciate how valuable your house has been as a home, not just as an investment.

cambridge guelph onttario

9. Start to move out mentally, and think of your home as a commodity.

10. Start reading the Real Estate section of your local


11. Thin out your wardrobe and donate to Goodwill.

12. Find a place for everything, and put everything in its

place. Anything without a place either gets thrown out, goes into storage, or gets donated.

13. Have a garage sale. Make sure that unwanted or

unusable items are priced to sell.

14. Find the perfect real estate agent for yourself.

15. Do a complete staging walk through with your real

estate agent or another objective person to determine what you need to do to get your house ready for the market.

16. If you're planning on buying new furniture after you move, consider buying it now and refurnished your current place. The same goes for linens, area rugs, and curtains.

17. Dig up your old home inspection from when your house and see if there's anything you haven't addressed.

18. Hire an inspector to do a preemptive inspection.

19. Figure out your monthly bills to give to buyers if asked. This shows you're organized.

20. Consider making your home more energy efficient with high-efficiency appliances, new windows, or better

insulation, or even just a programmable thermostat.

21. If you're buying another house, make sure you're

pre-approved for your mortgage.

22. Think about any problems you've had with the house, and get ready to disclose them or think about repairing them.

cambridge guelph onttario

23. If you're taking out a home improvement loan or

financing your next home, check your credit report and

make sure it's correct.

24. Find a picture showing the house in different season

(particularly if it's on the market in the winter)

Shortly before you house is on the market.

25. Make sure all doors have working doorstops.

26. Replace any old outlet or light switch covers. Get the white ones, not the almond ones, which look old even when they're new.

27. Make sure all toilets flush correctly.

28. Clean out and organize the cabinet under the kitchen sink (for some reason almost all guys look under there)

29. Test the ground fault interrupter (GFI) circuits in your bathrooms and kitchen. When you press test, there should no longer be any power at the outlet. If there is power, call an electrician. Press reset to return power to the outlet.

30. Put a new doormat by every exterior door.

31. Check all accessible drains for leaks.

32. Replace old shower head, or make sure new ones don't leak.

33. Replace your house number, or at least be sure it's

clearly visible from the street.

34. Vacuum every corner behind all furniture.

35. Dust the tops of all doors, windows, picture frames, and so on.

36. Vacuum the bugs out of every outdoor light fixture.

37. Line up all your books neatly (maybe even in order)

38. Fertilize the grass, add new mulch outside, and trim indoor plants.

39. Replace all burned-out light bulbs.

cambridge guelph onttario

40. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors (it's a good idea anyway)

41. Replace your cabinet and drawer pulls

42. Make sure all clocks are working (replace batteries as necessary) and set to the correct time.

43. Remove any books, art, or photos that may considered controversial or offensive.

44. Remove any political materials.

45. Empty the garbage. Throw away or donate what you can, sweep the floor, and then put everything back neatly.

46. Clean up any oil spills on the driveway or garage floor.

47. Make sure all potentially items, everything from

prescriptions to certain types of magazines (hint,hint) are removed from accessible drawers.

48. Removed half of your personal photos; then remove half of those that are left. Fill in any nail holes in the walls.

49. Spray silicone spray on all on all squeaky or tight hinges, sliding door tracks, and so forth.

50. Organize the extension cords for your computer, stereo, and other appliances.

51. Get some lightly scented fresheners (Glade Clean Linen scent is perfect)

52. Removed everything you've stuck onto the refrigerator. Empty the refrigerator and every drawer and cabinet, throw away anything you don't want, and put the remaining things back neatly.

53. Put one potted herb in the kitchen (we suggest

rosemary, which hearty and smells great)

54. By nice wooden hangers for you clothes.

55. If you have a fireplace, vacuum it out and put in fresh logs.

cambridge guelph onttario

56. Buy a cookbook stand and place your nicest cookbook in it, open to a particularly beautiful recipe.

57. Take a level around the house and level off all the frames mirrors and so on.

58. Set your lawn mower so that it only cuts the top third of the grass, which will promote a healthy lawn.

59. See what part of your house are hit by direct sunlight during the early afternoon (when open houses are most likely to occur) Make sure those places are spotless, since the sun will illuminate every bit of dust.

60. Replace the air filter in your furnace

61. Clean the Kitchener floor with a sponge (it's the only way you'll really see just how dirty it is)

62. Make sure your front door key works smoothly. If not, either spray the lock with silicone spray or replace the doorknob completely.

63. Tell people that your house is for sale.

64. Get a dust buster for quick clean up whenever necessary.

65. Get the carpet steam-cleaned

66. Cut back any exterior plants that are blocking sunlight

into the house.

67. If you have cats, get a covered litter box and find a

discreet place for it and the food.

68. If you have dogs, make plans to contain them, or better yet get them out of the house during showing (same thing for unruly cats, too) Also, make sure there's no poop in the yard. While dog urine (particularly from female dogs) is bad for the grass.

69. Make sure every door is easily accessible from both


70. Wash the windows

71. Clean out everything from under the beds.

72. Make a CD of classy, pleasant music to play during

showing. Classical guitar is usually a safe bet (and you

can't go wrong with Segovia)

73. Have your chimney swept.

74. Make sure all of your windows open (and don�t slam

shut when you let go)

Just before the open house.

75. Make sure the lights on for every showing.

76. Put new toilet paper rolls in all the bathrooms.

77. Put new soaps at all sinks and showers

78. Put fresh flowers and/or plants outside the front door.

79. Set the dining room table.

80. Get rid of dried flowers

81. Put fresh flowers in vases around the house.

82. Empty every trash can in the house.

83. Shake out/fluff up all bathrooms/kitchen rugs.

84. Put a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen.

85. Grind half a lemon in your garbage disposal.

86. Wash all the sheets and towels and make the beds.

87. Spray your sheets with lemon spray.

88. Keep the kitchen sink and dishwasher empty. If there

        are dishes in the dishwasher, make sure you run the

        dishwasher before anyone arrives.

89. Open all the windows (weather permitting)

90. Open the window shades to let in as much natural light

        as possible (assuming the view is tolerable)

91. Close the shower curtains.

92. Clean like you�ve never cleaned before.

Good Luck

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